Street Child – Update

We are very pleased to be able to give a helping hand in Africa. Here’s a little more information about our Farley 2 community school in Sierra Leone.

The Farley 2 School is located in Taama, Koo Kougokeura Village Soa Chiefdom Kono District.

  • It has 3 classrooms.
  • It has a total of 179 Enrolled Students.
  • Currently there are 45 Boys attending and 44 Girls.
  • The teachers are:
    Anthony T. Damda,
    Dominic A Williance,
    Boima Abdul Tahamam,
    Tamba S Squire
    Aiah Man

To see the location and community information of our school, or to share it with friends and family, you can check out Street Child’s School Mapper. All you need to do is click on the link below and type your school’s name into the search bar at the top left – it will then appear on the map! Due to our Child Protection Policies, your school’s location on the map is very much approximate.
(If you are using a smart phone: click on the link, then click on Sierra Leone 1000 at the bottom of the screen and the search function will then appear at the top of the screen.)


Farley Nursery School