Free Entitlement

At Farley Nursery School we offer 15 hour, 30 hour and 2 Year Funding.

15 hour funding for 3-4 year olds

All 3 and 4-year-olds in England qualify for 570 free hours of childcare per year. This is usually taken as 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the year. Your child will qualify for the free hours the term after their 3rd birthday.

Child’s Birthday When you can claim
1 January – 31 March The beginning of term on or after 1 April
1 April – 31 August The beginning of term on or after 1 September
1 September – 31 December The beginning of term on or after 1 January

30 hour funding

An additional 15 hours funding is also available to many working families who meet the government set criteria, again from the funding period following a child’s 3rd birthday. Like the 15 hours funding, the full 30 hours is for 38 weeks of the year. This doubles the 570 hours to 1140 hours for the year.

To qualify, both parents should be working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family), and each parent earns, on average – A weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at national minimum wage and less than £100,000 per year, including self-employment.

Parents are required to apply for the additional 15 hours of free childcare through HMRC and must reconfirm their eligibility every 3 months.

For further information

We are pleased to offer parents the flexibility to use their funded hours on any of their regular termly booked sessions, up to the maximum allowance per week for the funded period. Funding cannot be carried forward from one funding period to the next.

Spring funding period 1 January – 31 March 11 funded weeks
Summer funding period 1 April – 31 August 13 funded weeks
Autumn funding period 1 September – 31 December 14 funded weeks


Our administrative staff are available and happy to answer any of your funding questions.

Funding for 2 year olds

Funding for 2 year olds may be available for families who qualify for some government benefit schemes. For further information Farley are pleased to offer 2yr funded places for those children who qualify.

Tax free childcare

Working families can benefit from tax free childcare by paying through their HMRC tax free childcare account.For every £8 paid into the account by parents, a £2 top up payment will be made by the government, up to a maximum of £2000 per year. i.e. for £10,000 of childcare in 1 year, the government will pay £2,000 of this figure.

For more information on tax free childcare and government funded hours,


Discounts are applicable until the child qualifies for funded hours.
10% Sibling discount for the elder sibling once the younger child starts.
10% full time discount (45 +) hours per week.

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