Nicola Blake

The manager at Farley is Nicola Blake, who has been working in the childcare sector since 2002. Nic began her career at Farley in 2010 as a Nursery Practitioner in Bee Garden and worked her way through the ranks, becoming Nursery Manager permanently in October 2015. Nic has also gained her level 3 and 4 Childcare qualifications during her time here. She says “Farley is like nothing else! I love being outdoors, watching the children grow in confidence and being lucky enough to share an experience they wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Jo Defty

Jo joined us in January 2013 and runs our office at Farley school. Jo has over 15 years’ experience in administration and management and has also, since having her own children, run an after-school arts club and become a sought after face painter! Watch this space for the next Farley festival with lots of little happy painted faces, courtesy of Jo.

Lizzy Hayter

Lizzy Hayter is the Room Supervisor of our Marigold and Merrygrove room. Lizzy joined the nursery in March 2015, following in the footsteps of her mum, Louise.  Lizzy has always loved nurturing the babies and became Room Supervisor of the under twos in August 2018. Lizzy was previously a one-to-one Teaching Assistant for SEN children in a local school had has a level 3 qualification in childcare and education. Lizzy says “I love the family vibe at Farley and our outdoor learning ethos.  Each day is completely different, unique and challenging which is why I really enjoy watching the children grown and develop.” Of the future, Lizzy says “I want to build the confidence of my team so that each person can reach their full potential.  When the team know they are appreciated and celebrated  there will be the most outstanding outcome for the child. I want to build on each child’s learning and progress and guide them through each milestone.”

Emily Colligan

Emily Colligan the is the Bee Garden Supervisor. Emily started working at Farley in July 2016, leaving her previous role as a lifeguard to fulfil her ambitions of a career in education. Emily was very determined and gained her level 3 qualification within 18 months, achieving Room Supervisor status soon after, in April 2018. Emily says “I love it when the children arrive in Bee Garden, they are so little and it is wonderful, and a true privilege that I get to help them find their voice in the beautiful, natural, outdoor environment that Farley offers the children.” Emily goes on to say “I can’t wait for the challenge ahead, I want to continue to learn and develop my knowledge of Early Years education at the best nursery in the world – Farley Nursery School.  I have gone from saving lives to educating the future of our country, what could be more thrilling than that ?”

Jessie Forster

This is Jessie Forster. Her role is Top Conker Supervisor and Deputy Manager. Jessie started working at Farley in March 2014 as a Nursery Assistant in Top Conker.  In January 2018 Jessie took over as Top Conker Supervisor and as Deputy Manager in August 2018. Jessie originally went to Durham University and achieved a BSc in Zoology before going back to complete a PGCE to become a qualified teacher. Jessie says “I love that the children at Farley are free to play outside, to discover and learn about the world in their own way.  It is inspiring to see them expand their imagination, build their self-confidence and become independent thinkers before they start school. I think it is important for children to explore the natural world and develop respect and appreciation for living things. Children at Farley are organic, all different shapes and sizes and covered in dirt, I always find it refreshing to share in their experiences here in this beautiful countryside where they belong.” When looking to the future, Jessie says  she wants to “help our children love nature and each other, saving the world, one little mind at a time”.

Farley Nursery School