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Farley Nursery School was founded in 2005, when Sue was looking for a setting for her vision to open an Outdoor Nursery School based on the Scandinavian approach to early years education.

Sue had become disillusioned with mainstream reception classes in school, where the children have an allocated time, typically ten minutes, twice a day to play outside. It was her goal to return to the traditional childhood...

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Latest School updates

Farley November Newsletter

Well after celebrating all that lovely late summer weather, it seems that overnight Autumn is upon us! All of the children are now in their waterproofs, getting muddy and wet everyday and making the most of the suddenly far more muddy mud pit!

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Steeple Langford September Newsletter

A big welcome back to everyone at Farley Nursery School at Steeple Langford. It has been lovely meeting so many of you over the summer and I look forward to meeting even more new faces...

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Sparsholt October Newsletter

Here it is - our first official newsletter for Farley Nursery School at Sparsholt! I would like to start by welcoming...

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What is outdoor learning?

We invite the children to come outside to learn through play and exploring the world they inhabit. Much of the day is spent outside and rather than shying away from our British weather, we embrace it...